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AWS Solutions Architect Certified , Microservices Solutions Architect Certified , Azure Certified , Professional Scrum Master Certified , Certified React Front-End Developer , Micro-Frontends Architect , Commercial software development manager offering 25+ years managing cross-functional, global development teams. Developed underperforming teams to have the ability to ship complex product releases significantly ahead of schedule. Designed and implemented products used by 500M+ users Cross Platforms.Gold Star Award Winner presented from VP of Microsoft for saving failing projects, moving them from failed to shipped with high quality, and Increasing products deployment speed by 70%. Known and awarded for building high-performing teams. Awarded from the BOD of APFM for the high impact in the first 3 months (Increased efficiency and profit by $3.98M.)


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Working with an amazing team building systems using MongoDB , Elastic Search , AWS , React , CSS3 , HTML5 , Sass , Dropwizard , Java , ...

  • Built high-performing self-managed agile dev teams
  • Shipped two major web apps used in curation and profit analysis that increased efficiency and profit by 20% ($4M)
  • Created Agile/Scrum process for shipping high quality products in 30% of the time
  • Created Quality and Scalability metrics
  • Reduced cost to Price and Audit an Event by 80% (9h/wk to 2h/wk) leading to $1.52M in OIBDA
  • Reduced time to create curation story from 45m to 5m leading to $2.76M in OIBDA
  • Reduced Cost to Curate an Event by 35% (4h/wk to 2.5h/wk) leading to $0.342M in OIBDA
  • Improved performance, cost, and response time by Moving the systems from Monolithic Systems with REST APIs to Micro-Frontends Architecture and AWS Serverless GraphQL Microservices using AWS AppSync ( Click Here For Details )

April 2020 - Present


A Place For Mom

Designed, Developed, and Managed 8 main cloud distributed Microservices solutions with cross platform mobile apps using Apache Cordova , GraphQL , Elastic Search , AWS , React , Gatsby , AWS AppSync , CSS3 , HTML5 , Sass , DynamoDB , ...

In the first 3 months, I was awarded from the board of directors for impacting the company positively by:

  • Improving performance by 60% leading to 40% resource savings
  • Saving over 1400 hours per month of manual labor ($3.8M/year) by automating complicated tasks
  • Building high performing teams and provide best practices for the entire company to follow.
  • Improved performance, cost, and response time by Moving the systems from Monolithic DB with REST APIs to AWS Serverless GraphQL Microservices using AWS AppSync ( Click Here For Details )

October 2018 - April 2020


Microsoft : Microsoft Azure – Cloud Data, and AI

  • Azure Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) Microservices: Improved customer experience for managing apple devices enrolled in Apple Deployment Program and managed by Microsoft Intune by 10%.
  • Lead several cross-organizational initiatives within 11k employee organization to improve experiences and satisfaction for 500M+ end-users..
  • Lead ARM64 development; game changing, all-day battery device with continuous connectivity and new mobile CPU announced on Dec. 2017.
  • Increased NPS (Net Promoter Score) and Customer satisfaction by 15% for 100M+ enterprise customers by creating a customer satisfaction dashboard and equation measuring by multiple factors.
  • Reduced customer support calls volume by 24% ($10M); developed Machine Learning model identifying user feedback issues to alert engineers of new issues, decreasing resolution time, and saving $18k/mo in labor costs.
  • Reduced the MTTR (mean time to resolution) to 50% which increased adoption to latest release by 10%.

October 2016 - October 2018


Microsoft : Microsoft Office for Apple platforms (iOS / OSX)

  • Released Office for iPad , iPhone, and Mac -announced by Satya on March 2014.
  • Designed and implemented features used by 100M+ users: linking to ADAL (Azure Active Directory Authentication Library) for client authentication with Office365, Single Sign On, Third party Authentication (Box, Dropbox, iCloud), and OAuth2 Authentication.
  • Created a combined engineering transition process pilot used as a blueprint by 10K+ employees.

June 2013 - October 2016


Microsoft : Microsoft Research (MSR)

  • Managed an org of developers, test, and product managers in MSR (Microsoft Research) to ship products.
  • Awarded and promoted for creating a reliable process guaranteeing continuous delivery and optimal customer satisfaction for Bing and Office 100M+ customers.
  • In less than a year, developed the org into high performers with strong moral shipping high impact products.

June 2010 - June 2013



  • Increased new product deployment speed 70% by designing and implementing a development process that combines SCRUM and RAD; manages specifications, development, testing, passing quality gates, and deployments in 2 vs 13 months.
  • Built an org of 30+ from ground up and developed people located in California, India, and China to become high performers; handled interviews, hiring, managing up, and managing low performers out without impacting the business.
  • Gold Star Award Winner presented from VP of Microsoft for saving products from failure and releasing them with high quality in 30% of the time.

June 1999 - June 2010



Computer and Information Sciences

GPA: 3.79/4.0

August 2008 - May 2014
August 2004 - May 2008


Programming Languages & Tools


I love coaching, mentoring, system design, web development, learning new technologies, public speaking (especially motivational speeches), problem solving, and publishing technical articles, books, and videos

I like soccerand I am a big fan of Liverpool, in addition to Seahawks ..football. I like all Marvelcharacters and only the Flashfrom DC. I really enjoy the ability to have a big impact on people's life.